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Babes, Each One

mule deer fawn on the lawn
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Yesterday in the warm afternoon sun, we looked out our living room window to see this napping mule deer fawn. We did not see its mother any where, but she was probably around the corner eating crab apples and pears from our trees. Despite the mess they leave and the fact they eat most any flower we plant, we love seeing them in the yard, where all the neighborhood cats run between their legs– because we can all get along.

My husband witnessed something interesting later in the day. Besides the deer in the backyard munching on the apples and pears, a flock of turkeys also pecked in the grass along the side yard. A neighborhood cat we call HiPi [it’s piebald and we say “HiPi” when we see him], chased the turkeys. The deer perked up and then walked over to where the turkeys were and the cat was and seemed to look at the cat as if to say, “That’s not OK.” If you think about it, the turkey wandering with the deer can also act as warnings should danger arrive– and are easier to catch than deer, perhaps.

When animals mix with humans, it seems they adopt a different set of protocol with one another– learning to adapt to one another and with the people of whom they still keep their distance.

But the little fawn– like all young ones, with big ears and big eyes tug at our hearts.

Babes, each one

Big ears, big eyes,
Long legs, light dots,
Sleeping babes, any one,
Bring smiles, tug hearts.

Sheri Edwards
10.04.22 279.365.22

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