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Thank A Teacher

tribute to Dr. Francis E Kazemek for his extraordinary teaching as Professor at Eastern Washington University. Scan to learn from his works
Dr Francis E Kazemek 1943-2015 [on Flickr]

Dr. Francis E Kazemek, educator who guided students into their own agency; critical thinker, humanitarian, man of peace, author, writer, poet, storyteller, former faculty exchange professor at Odessa State University in Ukraine, 2008 Artist in Residence Petrified Forest NP with Phoetry — scan to learn from his work.

Dr. Kazemek’s teaching at EWU has directly influenced my own pedagogy as a middle school language arts and media teacher, from which I am now retired. He stressed critical thinking applied to projects through the Socratic Method, and that is how I also reached the best in my own students. I am forever grateful for his kindness, thoughtful courses, and inspired resources. He provided the foundation for us and allowed us, expected us, to explore and develop our own agency.

To learn from him– to think about your own pedagogy, your own life, your family, and the stories you have to tell, here is a partial list of his work:

Dr Francis E Kazemek

This post was graciously written in honor of a most influential educator from the Thank a Teacher prompt by the Daily Create #clmooc #DS106  @ds106dc   #tdc3918


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