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Fortunately at EWU

Eastern Washington University emblam and photo of entrance from grandson's virtual graduation in 2020.
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, the Daily Create asked us to thank a teacher, and I thanked Dr. Francis Kazemek [read the post] whose extraordinary Socratic teaching helped his students build their own agency grounded in excellent pedagogy. I am thankful for Eastern Washington University for hiring such excellent professors. I am fortunate to be able to graduate as a single mom at that time. I am thankful that my grandson also graduated their with an MS in Mathematics! Wowser!

I hope and can only expect that such a university with that history will not accept the current disturbing trend of banning books. I am fortunate for the experience that I had their– one of hard work with compassion, expecting critical thinking and professional development through authentic practice and projects. It prepared me well for thirty-one years of teaching, mostly at the middle school, where it was important for me to respect the student just as I was as a student in the university.

Fortunately at EWU

Fortunately in nineteen eighty-five
Banned books were not a drive
Freedom of thought was expected
In university: students’ choices respected.

Sheri Edwards
10.05.22 280.365.22

I think EWU is still challenging students to think intellectually. I found this page on Intellectual Freedom at EWU, which includes a link to Chris Crutcher’s page on Banned Book Week 2020.

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