screen of cardinal on lattice work with holly and berries
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Daily Create Image Music

cardinal on lattice work with holly and berries
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Daily Create

Daily Create Prompt:  #DS106  #tdc3998  #clmooc  #dailycreate  Image Music– there’s a site where an uploaded image is used to create music. Try it out:

long with a lovely backstory of a file transformation tool inspired by a little girl who couldn’t speak, the Unspoken Symphony platform turns images into music files. It’s easy to use, albiet some limited instrumentations. It also kicks out a video file and a PDF of the musical manuscript. There’s even an optional gallery for sharing, with kids and adult artwork turned into music. Cool, right?

From the site:

The software analyzes the shapes, lines, brightness, contrast, dominant colors, and density in each piece of art. It uses that information to determine the tempo, chords, musical style, timing, and pitch for each melody created, so each one is unique.
The Daily Create #tdc3998 

So I uploaded yesterday’s doodle and chose flute with piano accompaniment. Cardinal Greetings

Cardinal Greetings in flute and piano

Grammasheri and Sheri42
Created at noncommersial

The site even provides sheet music:

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