Graph of 2022 Daily Creates and Time Spent Goals for 2023 Daily Creates and Time spent
Daily Create, The Daily

Daily Create 2023 Goals

Graph of 2022 Daily Creates and Time Spent
Goals for 2023 Daily Creates and Time spent
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Daily Create

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I created a graph of 2022– I created one every day, but sometimes I spent hours looking at resources, researching connections, digging deeper to learn things I did not know. That was my curious choice, but it kept me busy during my stay-at-home time.

So for 2023, since I’ve some art classes and art projects planned, I would like to warm up everyday with the Daily Create, but to allow myself the creative energy to complete it in 15-20 or so minutes.

I also plan to add a few to the daily create art bank.

So my goals are shown in the graph with my response here:

2023 Daily Create Goals

Every day; but follow the time limit of more or less than 15-20 minutes.

I learned a lot from digging through research and making connections last year.

But… I’ve other art to do and must allow myself creative energy in both!

Grammasheri and Sheri42

What is the Daily Create?

Learn about the Daily Create here: DS106 Daily Create About— it’s 15-20 minutes of creative art making. Then go to the day’s Daily Create and try one out! Anytime!

All are welcome. Welcome to join. Welcome to make art. Welcome to break the rules. Welcome to add your own Daily Creates here.

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