wide-eyed kitten
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wide-eyed kitten reaches the top of her cat tree for the first time
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Oh this little wild cat of ours was so tiny when it bounded up her cat tree– used by many of our previous cats, all who lived long and playful lives. She was so proud of herself, and still– so much larger, but still a small cat– bounds up that cat tree, almost rocking it, but determined to land in the top spot as quickly as she can.

The city side planting strip of our corner lot is filled with trees– hawthorn, cherry, and four crab apple trees. When we finally allowed her to go outside the spring after we rescued her, she would follow us along the sidewalk, and bound up and down every tree, –EVERY tree–showing off her prowess. So very cute, and, we were so glad she would use up her energy! She’s quite the ADHD cat! We even built her a “jungle gym” out of cardboard boxes when she was little so she’d keep busy exploring and climbing in and out of them– chasing the small stuffed bear we’d drop in, which she loved to find and attack.


I made it to the top
Did you see me?
I have the power
I see you—
My paw,
my claws
are strong
and sharp.
Did you see me?
I made it to the top!

Sheri Edwards
01.03.23 003.365.23

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