cat alert, but resting in a crab apple tree
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Cat in the Apple Tree

cat alert, but resting in a crab apple tree
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. My iphone has a widget where different photo memories pop up every day. This one did yesterday, and I knew a poem would fit. This is our cat [That’s Our Cat] who, as a kitten, loved to race up and down the boulevard trees as we gardened and walked through our yard– totally showing off and burning energy.

As she grew older, these are her favorite trees for attempting to catch the birds who love the greenery and seeds in our yard. Most of the time, she misses or just gets bored, but she’s definitely got the moves.

Now, older still, she spends less time climbing the trees, and often simply stretches on a branch where the sun filters through.

Cats grow wiser too.

Cat In The Apple Tree

But resting.

And looking.

Of dining.

For leaping.

For napping.

Sheri Edwards
01.31.23 031.365.23

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