January 2023 Temperature Design 4x4 for Coulee Dam, WA in nautilus pattern
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FlashFeb Fabric

January 2023 Temperature Design 2x2 for Coulee Dam, WA in nautilus pattern
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Flash Feb and February Doodle


What is Flash Feb?

My CLmooc friends doodle every day.  Some have even invited us to a #FlashFeb — a creative prompt every day in February to respond as you wish. Find the details:

The prompt page displays a list of prompts for the twenty-eight days of February– one word prompts and an image. Click the image to a page for each prompt with suggestions and links to help get started.

February 12

Today’s Prompt: Fabric

I learned about “temperature quilts” today and how to make them digital.  But I of course took my own path.

I adapted one of my previous pieces to create a quick pattern for fabric [see it here as an outdoor cushion, which we have for summer fun]. My adapted colors:

January 2023 Temperature Design Base design for Coulee Dam, WA in nautilus motif

The Segment Colors

Each nautilus segment is formed from January temperatures from Coulee Dam, WA  from 1-31 —center to outside. I created a temperature color chart.  I used the low temps for each day as the base colors in each segment, then for the highs, on screen mode, I added patterns– coordinated with the colors:

January, 2023 color coded highs /lows temperature chart for Coulee Dam, WA

The background are the color variances from low on the outside to warmer inside– only 5 variances– the lower five colors– from my chart.  I added some wavy lines and patterns to those just for interest, but could be for mood!

The Temperatures

Highs/Lows for January, 2023, Coulee Dam, WA:

Temperature chart for January, 2023 highs / lows for Coulee Dam, WA

The Chart for Each Day

I created this chart to use as colors for high/low temps– I create a layer at the top and numbered each segment of the nautilus from the center out and applied the base, low temp colors on separate layers so I could add a clipping mask and apply the patterns in the same color, but using “screen” blend mode for the high temp colors.

January, 2023 color coded temperature chart for Coulee Dam, WA

Wasn’t that fun?

I decided to upload my design to Society6 Sheri42 Shop, even though I may want the background a little less “squared” off. But I rather like the colors!

Here’s what the new pattern looks like in a 4×4 square of the base pattern:

January 2023 Temperature Design 4x4 for Coulee Dam, WA in nautilus pattern

And here’s a gallery of four FABRIC products. Indeed! Fun!

And, The FlashFeb Photo Pool

FlashFeb Photo Pool



Nautilus Collection — both rainbow and winter colors included

Nautilus Rainbow Products

Nautilus Winter Products

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 #cldoodle23  #warmup4art #FlashFeb 

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