Mouse meets flower in three colors
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AI Set Challenge: 3 colors— a @nomadwarmachine ChatGTP challenge:

I asked ChatGPT this:

“can you design me a digital creative challenge to be completed in 10 minutes?”

Here’s what it said:

Sure, here’s a digital creative challenge that can be completed in 10 minutes:

Challenge: Create a minimalist digital drawing using only three colors.


Choose three colors that you want to work with. You can use any digital drawing software or app of your choice.
Create a new canvas and set the dimensions to a size that you’re comfortable with.
Using the first color, draw a simple shape or object in the center of the canvas.
Using the second color, draw another shape or object that interacts with the first shape or object in some way.
Using the third color, add some details or accents to your drawing to make it more interesting.
Once you’re satisfied with your drawing, save it and share it with others!

Focus on simplicity and using clean lines and shapes to create your drawing.
Don’t worry about making it perfect! The goal is to create something quickly and have fun with the process.

Experiment with different color combinations to see what works best for your drawing.
Consider using negative space to add more interest to your composition.

@nomadwarmachine Daily Create #tdc4069

So I drew:

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