toy model car left on red picnic table in park
Doodle, The Daily

MarchMake Model

toy model car left on red picnic table in park
on Flickr

March Doodle and March Make

#MarchMake Prompt: Model

I always loved this photo [July, 2015]– a moment after everyone left the park after an event, and this toy car, left behind, is all that remains. It holds memories I do not know, and the sad face of a child when he or she realizes his prize car is missing. But, it waits there, found and left by another knowing and caring person who hopes the young one will return to find it. Because, we care about one another. And so, a photo– a model of humanity, and a car.

What is MarchMake?

Join In March Make

Join in with the MarchMake:  Pauline Ridley has created a #MarchMake calendar of “M” prompts— a creative prompt every day in March.

a calendar of March prompts by Pauline Ridley

MarchMake Group Pool


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