Rainy Nights — girl dancing in the rainy night streets with umbrella
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April Doodle Rainy Nights

Rainy Nights — girl dancing in the rainy night streets with umbrella
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April Doodle Rainy Nights

I tried to follow the Instagram reel by Derek Dominic Sousa to create the effect of a rainy city night.

What’s Happening in My Life

Our house has finally been hit with Covid— both of us, including the “bounce-back” Covid due to taking Paxlovid. We’re doing OK with that. But I, unfortunately, have been sick with a prescription change that took six months and a trip to ER to reveal the havoc it caused in my body. A few days in the hospital with IV treatment have me in recovery so I am improving, but still weak. Very weak. I spend most of my time sleeping. I look forward to feeling better. I finally feel good enough to pick up my iPad and try some art to distract and encourage myself.

On the Bright Side

Our great-granddaughter was born yesterday, healthy and beautiful. So much to look forward to.

The Poetry

if you’ve missed my poetry, I have kept up with that — on Flickr and on my Blogger poetry blog, See-Frame-Focus.

Today’s Poem: Call for Peace

Call for Peace

“Coo…Coo” whispers on 

a gentle breeze in nature’s 

stillness: seeking peace.

Sheri Edwards  04.08.23   099.365.23. Poetry/Photography

Banks Lake, WA — in nature’s stillness


Bottle of medicine
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