Blooming trees against spring’s blue skies
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On Our Walk April 25

Blooming trees against spring’s blue skies
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today, April 25th, 2023 on our daily walk, the neighbor’s trees blossomed in beautiful rosy colors against a spring blue sky. While turkeys strut through the yards with the mule deer now up on the hillside surrounding the town, the trees sing to us— the robins, yellow warblers, and chickadees busy building their nests, and in that blue sky, osprey, eagles, and turkey vultures soared over the Columbia River. And we smiled and relaxed in this, nature’s glorious beauty.

And so, a poem.


On Our Walk

Daily walk among
the blossoms, colorful trees
reach the sky of blue
where ospreys, eagles, and turkey
vultures soar on rivers of air
while yellow warblers, robins,
and chickadees sing of this glory
in every tree and bush,
building their nests,
while we smile and relax,
In nature’s beauty on earth.

Sheri Edwards
04.25.23 116.365.23
Poetry/Photography [See-Frame-Focus]

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