creme wolf silhouette on navy background with chintz florals as fill
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Wednesday WrapUp Floral Wolf

creme wolf silhouette  on navy background with chintz florals as fill


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up— I share a project I’m finally able to work on again.


I’ve got several family members who love wolves, so when CatCoq sent her email about the Floral Animals class, I knew that was the perfect class for making birthday cards for those I love who love wolves [my project].

The class is more than just learning to create floral animals, it’s also about the process used in Procreate for designing LARGE sized illustrations for printing and printing on POD [print on demand] sites. If you’ve a smaller ipad, this class helps you learn how to manage layers so you’ve always got a way to revise your work. And, the class shows a way to change color themes, which helps with a collection of pieces for different tastes.

A wonderful class to learn the process of creating large sized digital art. You will love it!  Thank you CatCoq!


After creating an outline sketch of florals over a wolf silhouette I drew, I began a fill layer to explore colors. The birthday came before I could finish the class, so I completed a rough outline and fill. It looked like this [without the greeting]:

the first illustration in "rought" outline.

Then I explored more color schemes:

four color themes of the floral wolf

I finished the proper filling of my original outline after first revising it — the blue colored elements were too small, so I changed those by enlarging them. Here’s the turquoise final as filled– you can see the difference between the rushed “rough” version and this one. The outline of the one above is thin and sometimes off and the blue florals are small. The one below contains the bi-colored florals with embellishments and larger blue florals.

the finalized color theme and outline for the class wolf class

I finished the class with correct fill layers [one for each color] so I could play with other color themes in my finished piece. I created a gif for another birthday card– here it is without the greetings:

gif of all the color versions

One more birthday card with what I think is my favorite — a vintage chintz look:

my favorite again: creme wolf silhouette  on navy background with chintz florals as fill

My next steps are to add floral elements [matching the ones in the wolf] to a design in the margin areas and to make versions of the floral wolf silhouettes with transparent backgrounds for magnets and stickers and tees.

There are a lot of hours into these, but it’s worth it since the originals are so large, they can be placed on many products.

If this doesn’t convince you to learn from CatCoq in this class, just read it over again and think about all the skills– and ways to manage layers– that you might need to know!

If you don’t want to take it from Skillshare, check out her Class Page for alternative options for taking the class.

I loved this class!

Update on Wednesday WrapUp Posts

I have been quite sick and only recently have felt like drawing again. That’s why I’ve not posted since March, and I apologize for the lapse. I’ve been able to at least write my poem every day, simple as they are. Hopefully I’ll continue improving so I’ll be able to continue with the Wednesday Art WrapUp. Thank you for your patience.

See you around…

I hope to see you around on IG and in communities. For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

I look forward to your sharing your experiences, and please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

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