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Jazz up your Back To School with some watercolor floral delights! iPhone covers, pillows, notebooks, and more await your interest at this Sheri42 RedBubble Shop.

It’s my first pattern, and it started as a floral bouquet in watercolor:


Once painted, I scan art at 600 dpi to preserve it because the next step is to cut it in fourths:

floral quadrants.001.jpeg

I then rearrange the quadrants and tape them back together:

floral quadrants.002.jpeg

Next, the middle section is painted and the finished watercolor is scanned in as a .tiff and imported into the Affinity Photo app where a few of these small berry and leaves are added to break up the pattern:


I could have added in a few more leaves to the blank spaces, but since this is the first pattern for me, I just wanted to see it work! It’s exciting to learn something new. This is also where the lines of the cut quadrants were erased with the “inpainting brush tool,” which is like the “healing brush tool” in Photoshop. Any blemishes or specks from paint can also be cleaned up at this point.

After exporting the image as a .png I inserted them into a Keynote square slide to see how the pattern aligned now that it’s been created:


It’s definitely a floral delight for late summer and early autumn, perfect for some back to school or get ready for fall changes–

for new home decor:

[click each picture to view at the shop]






Or back to school:






More watercolor delights will be added to the Floral Delights collection soon. I hope you enjoy them!

Check out all the artists at RedBubble and #findyourthing ~  Sheri42

Find your thing at Floral Delights by Sheri42


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