Back to School, Floral Delights

Find Your Thing in Blue

Book bags, pencil pouches, or notebooks— all ready for back to school or to jazz up your work space.

Blue is my favorite color, so once the first pattern in Floral Delights [Orange] blossomed, I knew that a blue bouquet must be next.

Start with a watercolor:

Export as a jpg or png and upload to RedBubble to create with your art: Each time a a pattern forms, a lesson is learned. Today I was reminded not to get too close to the edges so the edges will match up better  and to paint larger flourishes and fillers so the design won’t be too busy. Be less critical of your work– perfection helps you improve, but it will also hold you back from learning and growing. Go with the efforts and learning and share your work.

Click each image to visit the shop.









And discover this design as wallpaper, fabric, and home decor at Spoonflower — Floral Delight in Blue display here!


Go ahead!  Find your thing and share yours!




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