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Art for You Trace

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I can trace?

Many people think tracing is cheating– but it isn’t; it is a way to learn and build muscle memory, confidence, and style. Sometimes it’s difficult to “see” what’s there– whether it is a picture, another work of art, or an object in front of you. But if you can trace it, you can get the “feel” of the line and space. Then, you can make it yours.

So I created some images for you to try– trace them over and over until you get the sense of the thing, break it into your own shapes, and then try your own and add your own style.

You can hold the sheet up to a window to see through and trace on another sheet of paper. You can cut them out and arrange them on the page to glue.

However you want to learn, give it a try.

Here’s the pdf for easier printing:

Be sure to share you learning– your goofs and your successes.

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