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Daily Create Art Poem

A Bit of My Day

Today I thought I’d share a new style I’m trying– a bit of abstract art inspired by  Brenda Bakker’s post on abstract art in Instagram. I could combine that with Jennifer Nichols new Selection Tool Animal Illustration to get the texture into the abstract through the selection tool, which gave me the idea for this week’s Wednesday Warmup. Today, one of my challenges to myself gave the opportunity for more abstract art and my other challenge, poetry.

Daily Create

Today’s Daily Create [ @ds106dc #tdc3334 ] is to create an art poem like Miro did in the 1920s.

I had just created an attempt at abstract art yesterday, so I revised that picture to include a forest green to fit the poem I wrote based on “I dwell in Possibility” by Emily Dickinson. We’ve been watching the series on TV, enjoying each episode and poetry, so the strings of thought and metaphor written by Emily Dickinson seemed a good model for today’s DC.

I wanted a poem that gives a wish to all of us so the first line is “Do dwell in possibility…” and the rest of the poem I wrote to encourage hope of the progressive-thinking people as opposed to the fear-mongering lies of the grand old party [old being the key word and grand, not so]. To focus on the light ahead and within to act towards a better world, the vision of paradise that includes justice for all.

I hope you see that in the words and the art.

My original art from yesterday is a nod to the same idea– to light and hope and science in support of surviving climate change.

I’m not sure you will see that, but you can find your own meaning, as is the nexus of art creator and viewer.

Here is the artwork, recolored without the frame.

So I deepened the green to one of the forest and added in a couple more branches. Then I created the shadowed frame, with a “radiant light” below that. The center is a screened effect so the text of the poem can be discerned if the viewer takes the time to find the hope within the words and art.

The poetry, my version:

Do dwell in possibility

Do dwell in possibility

Of symmetrical Hope than downtrodden Fear

More radiant of sunshine-

Superior – for Dull.

Of Canopy in Forests—

Anticipative to Eyes—

And for an Everlasting Glow

The Candle of the Mind—

To Everyone — the daybreak—

For Equanimity—This—

The spreading wide the narrow Hold

To open Paradise…

Art and Poetry by Sheri Edwards

I hope you enjoy my version of Emily Dickinson and the art that lights behind it. Perhaps you’ll join in the Daily Create or into the #warmup4art strategies, including this abstract texture technique.

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