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Wednesday WrapUp Poetry Art


I’ve enjoyed sharing Wednesday Wrap Up— a wrap up of my project tips for the past week or something I’ve learned that may also help others with the same #warmup4art hashtag. Today is a return to art and poetry, which I’ve written about previously.


March is Slice of Life, sponsored by The Two Writing Teachers, and I wrote a poem every day for that. April is National Poetry Month sponsored by Poets.org, [NaPoWriMo], and so I continue my poetry writing for this month as well. Here’s one of the Slice of Life with art– Blue Planet and the inspiration post for the previously noted Poetry and Art post for NaPoWriMo. For each day in most of March and all of April, I also included a bit of my writing process, which is as creative as art, but not visual. That’s what I’m sharing today.

Small Things

I love the small poems of Valerie Worth in her many collections of Small Poems. Last year, my CLmooc friends and I wrote and shared poems in our Poetry Port Slideshow. You may find some inspiration there. I wrote the above poem about my pen for that set of poems.

This month for today’s Wrap Up, I wrote a small poem about my art pens– the brush pens. It ended up being four haiku and then I created the bit of life– the art that the poem and the pen of the poem painted– but I painted it digitally into the photo at the top of the page with the app Procreate.

The Poetry

Brush Pen

Holding a rainbow
in my hand a memory
flows across the page

Swirls of joy in blues
Waves of the lake and sunshine
Summer yellow smiles.

Two dark blobs placed so
With hearts of pink swirled around
Sadness brushed with love.

Bursts of bright curved strokes
Of paths for joys invited—
Steady forward hope.

041722 108.365.22

The Process of Writing and Illustrating

To share with you the writing process, I took screencasts of me writing the poem and creating the art, creating this video of the process:

Try It !

So, that wraps up this Wednesday Wrap Up. Won’t you look around you and write a poem of a small thing, much as  Valerie Worth does in her many collections of Small Poems? Some ideas:

  • basketball
  • baseball
  • paper clip
  • ring
  • beetle
  • johnny jump-up
  • hat
  • cap
  • key
  • key ring
  • flower bud
  • fork
  • spoon
  • notepad

Add a bit of art– and you’re on your way to the first of your own little poetry book, which you can publish for your coffee table from Google Photos.

I look forward to your sharing, and please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

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