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Wednesday Wrap Up Mushrooms


Each Wednesday check this blog for a strategy, process, or reflection for illustration with the iPad app ProCreate. This Wednesday Wrap Up , I share the Mushroom Collection, inspired by mentor teacher, Jennifer Nichols of Leila and Po Studio [sign up for newsletter].

The Class and Project

The class is part of Jennifer’s Creative Journey Art Community. Here’s the promotion:

on Jennifer’s YouTube Channel

All brushes and canvas creation are included, but you can use whatever comparable set you would like. We used watercolor, vintage [inky type brush], stylized [inky and rough brushes], and colored pencils [a velvety smooth brush]. Color palettes were also provided, but I improvised a bit.

I chose to create a four projects of four mushrooms each, one set for each of the styles. That gave me a bit of practice drawing and sketching mushrooms as well as use the brushes. You can see the results in the gallery above with links to a framed picture of each on my shop Sheri42 Red Bubble.

The Process

sketches of mushrooms

We started out with sketches of mushrooms. Jennifer provided quite a selection on her Pinterest account. I also like to use the Flickr Commons and OpenVerse search tools for those images that are licensed “Creative Commons.” You can identify the ones I included in my sketches — a small variety with different colors and backgrounds. Even if I choose the same for another project, I changed them up a bit in color and background and details.

Next we learned each style, and I love them all, actually. Each one has a different feel while creating and a different look when completed.

The watercolor is more gouache-like, which helps because it’s not quite as transparent when coloring. It’s a bit tricky for me to get the colors to not overlap and blend. Also, when I first completed the watercolor section and uploaded to Red Bubble, I purchased the desk mat. As you can see– the tan mushroom did not show up very well.

So I opened my Procreate watercolor document, and added a background to two of the mushrooms– to keep the balance of design. I had to add a white layer beneath and in the shape of the two mushrooms so the orange background wouldn’t show through. You can see in the gallery above how that will make a difference in the design. So now the desk mat and other products will display better. Oh– and I love the desk mat. It’s thick with a nonslip base and border around the edge to prevent fraying. My husband loved it! Guess what he’s getting for his birthday?

on RedBubble

The vintage mushrooms were more fun to create because the inky brush and the textures are opaque. I love how I was able to make the lower right one glow! Those layers are set on screen and add to to get the effect.

The stylized mushrooms are quick— draw and fill and add the line work. They are fun to make just as a warm up or a quick card.

Finally, the colored pencil. Wow. Although coloring the strokes takes a bit longer, I just increased the size. That velvety feel of Jen’s brush is amazing. It’s a bit like the native dry ink brush, which is one of my favorites. It seemed like I could really fine tune the lines and the shading. And I love the glow I was able to make on each of them, especially the bottom right one in Seahawk colors!

The Mushroom Challenge

Since we were drawing mushrooms, Jennifer sponsored a #mushroomart2022 challenge– just four prompts for October, which makes it doable without stress. Her whole community is friendly like that. The prompts were umbrella, home, meal, and character. I was stumped at “meal,” but then I remembered my newly discovered way to make cream of mushroom soup that is delicious. I created the recipe. I linked to each to the larger size on Flickr. These images are part of my daily doodle, and for my mushroom doodles on the blog for more information, click here: Mushroom

Try It!

Get into the fall spirit and illustrate a few mushrooms. Try the #mushroomart2022 and if you find any great resources please share.

I’d like to invite you to join Jennifer’s Creative Journey Community — such a great group of friends and supporters we are growing into. In this somewhat chaotic world, I love checking the art and messages there each day as well as the freebies we share which each other [brushes, reference photos, textures, tips]. And, the classes like this one which inspire my art and passion and improve my practice.

Or just check out her Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube channels for tips and ideas. Here are her links:

I look forward to your sharing, and hope this post inspired you to continue to share and grow other like-minded artists. It’s a joy to have you join the journey as we learn together. Please continue to be a part of the  #warmup4art series to learn and enjoy our work together! See my sharing at IG @42Sheri and Twitter @42Sheri.

~ Sheri
~Reflect curiosity and wonder; Go boldly and scatter seeds of kindness.

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