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Campanula rotundifolia

An ikebana flower arrangement of blue harebell flowers in a jug vase

December Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day. 

Today I am pretty proud of this gouache ikebana flower arrangement of blue “harebell” flowers. Learn about Ikebana here. I did, and about vases here. I learned about this type of arrangement from a Daily Create this week.

There were 12,291 strokes made in thirteen hours and forty-two minutes of artistic creation to get variation in color in each element, highlights, and shading. 

I attempted to “paint” in analogous colors into the stems, flowers, and vase, each time blending the gouache just a bit to get the transitions from one color to the next. I added the bits of red and light blue to the flowers and vase. I spent quite a bit of time on each of those, plus painting the lighter and darker areas and then adding shadows and highlights.

Of course, I started with the background in place– a dreamy, fading background, lighter in the upper right as light source.

I enjoyed every minute because …

shhhhh- it will be a card for my granddaughter tomorrow.

Brushes today were mostly Jennifer Nichols Gouache set and her dry acrylic brush, plus Calvin the Drifter’s fine liner, and the Procreate fine hair brush. The canvas is one from Calvin as well.

I’m disappointed I forgot to turn on the video for a replay because there were some tricky parts that Jennifer’s brush, Splotchy Blender, really helped with — it naturally helped create folds in the leaves. I just needed to touch them up a bit with a shader brush.

The flower I chose is harebell, or Campanula rotundifolia because it fit with the Ikebana style, and I wanted a blue flower– so that’s the color I chose. My reference image displays a blue flower.

For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

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