A jumping spider on the edge of a lamp
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Daily Create Comfort Animals

A jumping spider on the edge of a lamp
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Daily Create Prompt: #clmooc #DS106  #tdc3983 #dailycreate   What would be an interesting Comfort Animal — emotional support animal?

A little jumping spider comes out each time I turn on my lamp. I think he or she hears the click and then comes out to explore and say hello— totally unafraid of and seemingly curious about me as I type on the computer or illustrate on the iPad. Since it’s winter, I think he’s asking me, “Will you leave the lamp on? I’m a bit cold.” Or perhaps he’s giving me a report on all the other little monsters [unwanted bugs] he’s captured in his hideaway in our little cottage home. It’s comforting to know he’s doing his job.

Come on now— he or she is a little cute, don’t you think? And he or she takes care of him/herself!

A Jumping Spider! This little one comes out to say hi almost every day.

I’ve written about these amazing creatures often— they are pest control inside and outside of your home. For stories, poetry, and information, see my poetry/information post: Little Miss Spider.

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