A boulevard of 34 maple trees will be mowed down. For sidewalks.
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A boulevard of 34 maple trees will be mowed down. For sidewalks.
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Every day, a photograph, a poem. Today at 5:00 PM a city council meeting was held on the corner of Ferry and Grant to explain why thirty-four eighty year old maple trees must be cut down. [The Star Newspaper]. Trees that have added shade, beauty, value, absorption of pollution, homey charm and history to our neighborhood— the reason I chose to buy a home in west Coulee Dam— lovely tree-lined streets.

Why kill the trees? To put in neat and tidy cement sidewalks. It was obvious that the decision had been made— no negotiation would be tried to find an alternate to cement sidewalks in order to save the trees. And there’s no money in the budget to replace the trees, which are part of the history of our town— when gardeners planned the whole town because it was a “government town.”

I am heartbroken, just so sad at this terrible loss to our neighborhood and town.

Why did this happen? People did not do thorough jobs— the research needed to know that these old trees would have roots too large to cut and would then present a hazard— a liability if not taken down.

And instead of trying to correct the problem, just taking the contractual way out— just do it.

It’s not easy to be in charge of a city or town, and things like this happen. In fact, we went through this same thing ten years ago with some of the same people in charge and even at that time, people wanted an alternative to cement sidewalks. But that research was not done. That line of thinking was ignored. The traditional, easy way was chosen. These are hard times— difficult times for funding. So, going forward, let’s hope for more advance notice of what exactly is planned and for more thorough and thoughtful possibilities for solving such problems. Let’s learn from two mistakes— this one and the one ten years ago: we’ve a beautiful town to care for.

These are not easy times. We’ve got to do a better job of caring for our planet— even in our neighborhoods.

Just too sad. And so, a poem.



Lovely canopy of red maples
Eighty years of shade and beauty
All to be chopped down
For sidewalks neat and tidy.

Sheri Edwards
05.15.23 136.365.23
Poetry/Photography [See-Frame-Focus]

A boulevard of 34 maple trees will be mowed down. For sidewalks.

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