Purple iris in Cole Park
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Purple iris in Cole Park
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Daily Note

Every day, a photograph, a poem. One of my favorite flowers lifted my spirits for the loss of the maple trees on the front page of the newspaper. I cried. I’m so angry about it, and I cannot even walk up to Ferry Street to look at what’s left. See post Maple Trees. Unfortunately, my health does not allow me to fight to keep the other trees in our town.

So I focus on pleasant, and these iris are that. Iris are flowers with thousands of different kinds— read about them: Iris and Fact Sheet. And so, a poem…



Swords of green brandish
purple curves of delicate
petals: wishing peace.

Sheri Edwards
05.25.23 146.365.23
Poetry/Photography [See-Frame-Focus]

Purple iris in Cole Park

clmooc #smallpoems

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