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Digital Woodcut

folk lore type woodcut block print image of styled bird in teal on white background
on Flickr

November Doodle

My CLmooc friends doodle every day– today, I created a digital woodcut / block print of a bird. It’s from a class I took in Lisa Bardot’s Art Makers Club community: Digital Woodcuts / Block Printing in ProCreate, which is similar to Cardwell and Ink Design: Procreate for Beginners: Botanical Contour line drawing, which is like my own Quick Splash MessagesFunky Florals, and Line Art / Off Kilter art styles. I wrote about those on a Wednesday WrapUp here.

#makingarteveryday  #novemberdoodle #cldoodle22  #warmup4art #clmooc #bardotbrush 

You might want to join in with in Lisa Bardot’s Art Makers Club community — I’m learning so much.

For links to mentioned artists, see Artists Resources page.

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